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Let tight royals sort Fergie’s cash mess

By Gail Walker

So, the Duchess of York is reportedly about to declare herself bankrupt with her personal and business debts amounting to a whopping £5m — nearly twice the amount previously thought.

While senior royal aides are recommending she admits she is insolvent, Prince Andrew is apparently trying to launch a last minute ‘rescue mission’.

In that case the first thing Andy should do is to organise a family whip-round to pay-off his ex's debts.

After all, while Fergie is obviously culpable in the way she has managed — or rather mismanaged — her finances, the royals deserve a hefty dollop of blame as well.

Toe sucking strumpet or no, her derisory divorce settlement made it more or less inevitably that she continue trying to cash in on the royal mystique. What did they think she was going to live on? The royalties of Budgie the Helicopter?

The world and his ex-wife knew that Sarah was trading on her royal connection but the Windsors let it ride. True, it was made clear that officially she wasn't a royal, but is that how the public perceived it? Duchess of York is a pretty fancy title for a commoner. A high-living, high media profile Duchess at that.

And worse, we were force-fed stories of Andy and Fergie's ‘unique' break-up and their ‘remarkable’ friendship. So unique and remarkable that Fergie seems to have spent a large chunk of her time bunking up at her ex-hubby’s royal residence. Fergie Ltd may not have been by royal appointment, but, as they say, a nod's as good as wink ...

Is it wonder that many didn't doubt her creditworthiness for a moment?

It may be sound advice that Fergie declare herself bankrupt. But it is shameful — she will be leaving many small companies and tradesmen in the lurch. No, Fergie is a mess largely created by the Windsors. Let them clear up after themselves. It's a matter of family honour.

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