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Let’s all find out what are the really big issues in Lurgan

What is going on with Lurgan town centre? I headed into town to get a few things, only to find myself driving round and round.

No, I couldn’t find a parking space but I had ample time to take in the newly concreted area in the centre of the main street, where many of the spaces used to be.

Are the people who planned this mad?

As locals know, ever since the ‘one hour only’ limit was introduced on parking in the main street, a trip to town has become like an obstacle race against the clock. Nipping to the bank, the bakery and the newsagents? Just pray there’ll be no queues in any of them and to hell with the friend you haven’t seen for months who wants a quick natter.

Still, it’s the stores I feel really sorry for. Many are small, locally owned businesses, trying to survive in a town which also has — it has to be said — an excellent Tesco, open seven days a week and late at night.

Apparently, the thinking is that the big concreted bit will become an area where townsfolk will want to sit and talk. Let’s hope it’ll not be a nostalgia fest about the days when Lurgan used to be a thriving market town ...

Like I said, someone thinks this is a good idea and at the Belfast Telegraph’s Tell Us About It roadshow, hosted by Lynda Bryans and attended by public representatives, in Lurgan town hall, at 7pm this Thursday I intend to ask a few questions. Why not come along and ask a few of your own?

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