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Many will understand just how Sinead felt

By Gail Walker

Heaven knows, she's not the first person to realise she had made a mistake, even on the return trip down the aisle, but she is one of the very few to have the chutzpah to correct her error at the earliest opportunity.

There was always something a bit rock 'n' roll about Sinead O'Connor's latest marriage - whipping an unknown addiction counsellor off to Vegas to tie the knot. But not even the most avid cynics would have guessed their December 8 wedding would have ended in separation before the turkey was even in the oven on Christmas Eve.

Ms O'Connor still had the good sense not to pile on the agony and called it quits when she realised marriage "was going to be a coffin for both of us and I saw him crushed".

Whatever about the wisdom or otherwise of her lifestyle - this was her fourth marriage, no less - she had the guts to walk away rather than suffer incompatibility for years perhaps for the sake of appearances. Intemperate, rash and often silly she may be, but there is a notable lack of malice or dishonesty about Sinead, as well as a huge natural gift as a performer and songwriter.

There's also a real sense of vulnerability about her, most evident recently in what, for all the brouhaha, seemed a genuine search for love and companionship.

Let's wish her well for 2012.

After all, having just about survived another Christmas many women - and men - will have read every detail of her story with a frantic and rising envy ...


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