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Morrissey is a miserable old bore

By Gail Walker

Isn't it great to see a self-regarding pop star making a right eejit of himself ...

Step forward Morrissey. The ex-Smiths frontman drew the ire of the critics upon himself when he appeared in front of an Argentinian flag at a gig in Buenos Aires, slabbering his support for the 'Las Malvinas' being given to the Argentines.

To top it off his backing band wore 'We Hate William and Kate' T-shirts.

A tatty show all round. Unfortunately, many commentators rose to the bait, denouncing the not so charming man as a traitor and a disgrace. In other words, generally taking him seriously. Which I suspect would have flattered him immensely.

Fewer had anything to say about the body language of his backing band.

Five chunky middle-aged men looking rather uncomfortable if not in their skin then certainly in their T-shirts.

Maybe they are just shy and in full agreement with their employer. Or maybe they were ordered to don the provocative garb by the boss?

Still, let's face it, they didn't look like rebellious rock 'n' rollers, more like embarrassed shop assistants being told they have to do a Boxing Day shift.

Of course, we will probably never know the truth of the issue but how does the song go? 'I was looking for a job and I found a job and heaven knows I'm miserable now ...'


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