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Newsmen flirting with disaster ...

By Gail Walker

It's hardly breaking news that fiftysomething married men are apt to start pawing any younger woman who isn't their wife given half the chance.

But the fact that in one weekend swoop we get pictures of two ageing male TV newsmen making goats of themselves is surely worth that ‘and finally' bit at the end.

Exhibit one, my lord, shows married dad-of-three Andrew Marr (53) sticking his hand down the back of a mystery woman's trousers while they embrace outside a pub in the early hours.

Exhibit two shows married dad-of-four Dermot Murnaghan (54) dressed in cycling gear, sitting on a rug in a London park, kissing make-up artist Camilla Tew, in broad daylight.

Both look sad, sad, sad. Marr has form in this area before. Remember all that kerfuffle about his taking out a super injunction to prevent a previous affair coming to public notice?

At least Marr's latest encounter looks more spontaneous, less serious, a case of momentary silliness. Maybe he was just looking for his car keys. And he’s now admitted he should have behaved better.

Murnaghan's adventure is much more difficult to explain away, not least because it appears to have been clearly planned.

Did he tell his wife “I'm just heading out on my bike”? (stop sniggering at the back). And what's with the stupid orange-tinted sunglasses? Were they meant to be a cunning disguise? If so, fail! They just made him look even more creepy, especially when he played with the zip running down the front of her dress.

It's cartoon time, without the laughs. Despite the snigger value, there's nothing remotely funny about two men belittling the loyal wives who have supported their careers and brought up their families.

Their behaviour is just such a weary old male menopause cliche.

The clincher with Murnaghan is the fact she's a make-up artist, which seems like a male twist on those ageing starlets who marry their plastic surgeon.

Still, I don't care how good she is with the Touche D'Eclat, Dermot, she's not going to stop you looking like a right sleazer.

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