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No matter what they do, some people just have no shame

By Gail Walker

Sometimes, you're lost for words. First, Wendy Lewis, aka War Memorial Urinating Sex Act Woman, gets drunk, urinates on a war memorial and performs a ‘sex act' in public.

During her trial — between issuing apologies — she mocked protesting veterans outside the court. Her boyfriend gave old soldiers the Nazi salute.

Next, Mary Bale, the Wheelie-Bin Catwoman. The bank worker had ‘a moment of madness'.

“I really don't see what everyone is getting so excited about. It's just a cat ...” Still, as the story ignited, she was more contrite and worried about losing her job.

On the surface, there isn't much to connect Lewis and Bale. But there is a link. Both are sorry. Kind of. Both have the same sort of shabby excuses — I was full, it was madness. Both think they’re also somehow victims.

And both seem strangely unaware how others might feel about their actions. But the most important link is that both were caught. I don't mean to be judgmental but you don't unleash your sick humour on a tabby nor urinate on war memorials. Neither should be very hard not to do. Simple really.

By rights, Catwoman would have gone into hiding in a wheelie bin and Urinating Woman would have scrubbed clean the memorial.

But, nah. What Bale and Lewis ultimately show, more even than the inexplicable craziness and nastiness of their actions, is how people have actually lost any sense of shame.

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