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Our Jackie gets a well-deserved winner’s medal

By Gail Walker

Isn’t it great? Every honours list — birthday and New Year — you scan down the lists of those who have been honoured from here just to see if you recognise anybody.

“That can’t be ... is it? ... is Aspidistra really her middle name?” And such like.

Every now and again there’ll be somebody you know and you think ‘Well, that’ll please them, they deserved it.’ The most recent awards, however, had a name everyone will know.

And even though the citation is primarily for sports journalism, even those with no interest whatsoever in the athletic arts will have had their day brightened just a little.

Jackie Fullerton’s MBE is an award to a remarkable individual — an unmistakeable voice, a panache that makes even the windiest day at Windsor Park seem like Monaco, and a common touch which reaches right from the microphone into the living room. And his heart bypass, now happily behind him, brought him closer to the charitable causes he has championed with his customary vigour — his services to the community were another reason for his MBE.

Although the honours system is still creaky and contentious, most of the time it gets it right. And Jackie’s award shows why.

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