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Revenge with a bit of spice

By Gail Walker

The suggestion that Victoria Beckham has agreed to perform at the Olympics on condition the Spice Girls do not reform has only served to further raise my admiration of the poker-faced one.

Yet another good call, Mrs Beckham. The band hasn't travelled well from the Nineties to now.

Indeed, some would argue they weren't that great even way back when, not least because of the particularly disturbing creation that was Baby Spice, a grown woman pretending to be a little girl as some sort of weird sexual come on. No, me neither.

Unless it's truly dreadful, the forthcoming musical, Viva Forever, a stage show belting out the hits to some fictional drama in a tried and tested formula, will pull in the punters.

But the prospect of the five Spices, hoofing around on stage still in character nearly 20 years on, just doesn't hold the same allure.

Still, there is something pleasing about reports that Geri Halliwell is among the band members most incensed at Posh's decision to go for a one-off Olympic gig only. After all, it was Geri - sorry, Ginger - who prompted the beginning of the end for the band when she bailed out in 1998.

"'None of us can understand why she won't take advantage of these opportunities," she has apparently told pals.

Oh, Geri, I think we can. It's because Posh, successful fashion designer, wife of David and global brand, doesn't need to.

And the gold medal for payback time goes to ... VB.


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