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Rochelle and Marvin make us so JLS

Nice to see the venue could stay open late so the celeb couple could get a look around, as Rochelle's Tweet revealed. Nice to see, too, that the pair could be squeezed in, even though all tickets have sold out over Easter.

Most of all, though, it's nice to see that staircase because it's about the only chance ordinary punters will get to marvel at its splendour - apart from in promotional pictures or, obviously, when the famous drop in.

Given the furore that has erupted over Staircase-gate, it seems unbelievably crass of Titanic Belfast to pull out all the stops for a couple of celebs, while the rest of us in, er, steerage are kept locked away from it.

There'll be no romantic photoshoots for an ordinary family of four, even though they'll have splashed out £34 to get in, not counting food and memorabilia.

Titanic Belfast has many wonderful features but sadly the most talked about one remains the staircase - and for all the wrong reasons.

And it is in every sense the public's attraction - look at the amount of taxpayers' money that went into building it. It's our centre. It's our staircase.

As this column made clear last week, not opening it to all visitors is a huge mistake and one that needs to be rectified immediately.

Otherwise, the staircase will become to Titanic Belfast what the lifeboats became to the ship itself - remembered for not being there.

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