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Rod did want to talk about it ...

By Gail Walker

It only goes to show that in the heart of every old roué there lurks an old romantic.

Even those adverse to the singer's charms couldn't fail to be touched by his description of the absolute heartbreak that engulfed him when Rachel Hunter walked out on their marriage.

In extracts from his forthcoming autobiography, Stewart is admirable in his candour. Begging for Rachel to come back to him, he is an all too recognisable picture of devastation.

"I lost 12lb in weight," he writes. "I felt cold all the time. I took to lying on the sofa in the day, with a blanket over me and holding a hot-water bottle against my chest.

"I knew then why they call it 'heartbroken': you can feel it in your heart. I was distracted, almost to the point of madness."

Hardly how we normally think of Mr Love 'Em and Leave 'Em, the man who constantly demanded the reassurance as to whether we thought he was sexy - especially in an explosion of tight leopard print trews.

Even more remarkable, though, is the fact that today he is amicable over the split, now recognising that his much younger wife was unable to live the life she wanted to live while being Mrs Rod Stewart.

But then that's our Roderick - in that old heart of his beats one class act.

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