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She’s still Maddie for it ... thank goodness

By Gail Walker

A 51-year-old woman out partying to 3am. Shock. Horror. More details after the break.

Recent reports on Madonna’s attendance at a bash she threw in London for her backing singers and dancers portrayed it as a desperate attempt by the singer to hold back the years. As if all fiftysomethings should be safely tucked up in bed by 10pm with a cup of Horlicks and, if they fancied a walk on the wild side, the latest Grisham.

Then when pictures emerged of her directing a new movie, W.E, about Edward and Mrs Simpson, there were barbs that, well, maybe, just maybe, she could start a new career in her sixth decade.

Mind you, it’s strange that when Mick, Sting or some other wrinkly male racknroll ‘survivor’ knocking on 70 trips the light fantastic or embarks on a new venture there's rarely a mention of them clinging on to their youth and looking a bit pathetic. Nope, they're hellraisers showing they've still got it — or serious artists with a vital new concept.

Ok, on her recent night out, the tracksuit and silly hat may not have been the best idea, but Madonna looked pretty good. And if her film career to date has been less than stellar (bar Evita) well done her for having another crack at it.

But still Madonna is a lightning rod for a lot of our neuroses about sex and age. Wanting to be thought of as sexy at 50! How pathetic! Imagine the uproar if she'd bared a bit of leg at the party.

Here's the formula: a man growing old disgracefully, well, that's charming; a woman growing old disgracefully, well, that’s just disgraceful.

Keep on keeping on, Maddie.

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