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Should celebrity pals really tweet sympathy messages to grieving Amanda Holden?

By Gail Walker

Who doesn't feel terribly sad for Amanda Holden, who has lost a much-wanted baby son seven months into her pregnancy?

Coming after a previous miscarriage last year which she described as "the blackest period of my life", the tragedy is a brutal blow indeed.

All of which makes those sympathetic "tweets" from celeb pals like Emma Bunton, James Corden, Lorraine Kelly and Davina McCall rather jarring.

"My sincere condolences to Amanda Holden and Chris - so sad that they have lost their baby - my thoughts are with them and their families," Kelly informs us.

While McCall tweets: "Just heard the news about Amanda Holden. So sorry. Thinking of you and Chris."

It's unintentional, of course, but isn't there something of the 'breaking news' format about this?

They're letting someone know that they're thinking of them - but they're also making sure that we've heard the news ... and have got their response.

It's all just too played out in public for my liking.

Naturally, people want to sympathise and offer their love and support.

But I suspect it will be the carefully worded cards and letters from fans and close friends alike, some of whom will know exactly what Amanda is going through, that will bring more solace than any number of tweets as they drop through the letterbox in the dark days ahead.


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