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Snobbery still reigns supreme in Royal wedding preparations

By Gail Walker

With just days to go until the Royal wedding, it would seem that the old Bangor Reserves are fraying all round.

Except in some cases, it's more permissable than others.

Sophie Wessex is papped having a meltdown in front of her bodyguard, jabbing at him with her fingers.

In one photo she is looking witheringly at the hapless detective as if he is the biggest dimwit she has ever met. In another, she seems to be going hell for leather at him.

Still, the message from the accompanying story is that it's all rather understandable, really.

The incident unfurled just after Prince Edward's wife had left the bridal salon of Bruce Oldfield in Knightsbridge.

Poor old Sophie! We all know how stressful it can be shopping for the perfect outfit for a big occasion! Especially with some bloke in tow!

One woman who can surely empathise with the strain is Carole Middleton, whom it appears has jettisoned a hat by milliner Jess Collett.

Since the headpiece was to go with an outfit by Lindka Cierach, which she has already gone off, it's hardly surprising she has abandoned it.

And yet, the tone of this story is somewhat different - the "axed" milliner is "gutted".

The mother of the bride didn't even contact her to say her work is no longer required. Rude! Outrageous! The cheek!

Of course, the snidey inference is all too clear.

Commoner Carole is an upstart with ideas above her station who, when it comes to the bit, just doesn't know how to behave.

Not, ahem, like a seasoned Royal who throws a wobbly in the street, picking on a helpless flunkey. Hats off to the snobs!


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