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So, what's wrong with Posh being working mum?

By Gail Walker

'what on earth has happened to her face?' screamed the vicious headline above a photo of Victoria Beckham. And, as one, millions of women pored over Posh's picture and wondered how she'd managed to acquire such sexy, chiselled cheekbones.

Except VB was not, as it happens, being praised for her beauty but damned for looking gaunt and (apparently) fatigued. Her crime? Going back to work just, er, seven months after having a baby.

Amanda Holden got lit upon, too, for returning to Britain's Got Talent three weeks after childbirth.

VB defended herself against the "tired" jibe, pointing out she gets up during the night with Harper and has been working hard to get her new collection ready.

Amanda hit back, too, tweeting: "So lucky! Only working 3 days. Am always able to be with my girls 24/7. This business allows me that privilege."

But why on earth are these women are under attack?

Victoria was the spotty schoolgirl with the average voice whose graft earned her a place in the Spice Girls. Having won acclaim for her last fashion collection, why take her eye off the ball now?

At 41, the showbusiness clock's already ticking against Amanda. If she's not on screen, the public soon forget. It took her years to make it to prime time. Who can blame her for getting back out there asap?

Nearer home Cathy Martin recently turned up looking fabulous as ever just over a week after having her baby daughter to launch Belfast Fashionweek's Spring extravaganza. But then she's made that event a huge success; in it's own way it's her baby, too. Hardworking, capable and brimming with get-up-and-go, what a wonderful example these mums are in tough times, knuckling down and taking care of business.

Having a baby is a change of life; it isn't a life sentence. Women have the right to juggle motherhood and careers and if they do sometimes end up burning the candle at both ends, how exactly is that different from dad?


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