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Something kind of uh-oh about Nadine

Those new pictures of a very thin Nadine Coyle are somewhat disturbing.

Following in the footsteps of Posh, Lindsay, Nicole et al, it is all so horribly familiar: the matchstick legs and arms, the rest of the body so angular.

Yet before reaching for condemnation or worse — cruel jibes — we should perhaps reflect on what sort of society it is that drives women — despite all the warnings — to lose ‘just another couple of pounds’.

The mantra ‘you can never be too thin’ is deeply ingrained in our popular culture. The real message of our mass media still seems to be ‘no, lady, it's not enough to be beautiful, bubbly and incredibly successful — you've also got to look really scrawny’.

Painfully thin is sophisticated and edgy; ‘normal’ is vulgar and trashy. After all, put on a couple of pounds and get ready for sniggering from all the mags, with their little circles of horror.

If it's a case of pointing fingers, we should be wary of pointing them at stars such as Nadine. In some senses, they're only doing what there told ...

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