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Strictly speaking, Anne Widdicombe’s a Come Dancing winner

By Gail Walker

Everyone’s appalled, peering through their fingers at the sight of Anne Widdicombe absurdly mugging and spooning on Strictly Come Dancing.

She shouldn’t be there, they say. She’s a novelty act, they say. Poor old Anton du Beke, saddled with that, they say. She may be favourite for an early exit, but don’t be so sure. Widdicombe has one thing that the real embalmed mummies of that series — Felicity Kendal, Pamela Stephenson, Patsy Kensit — don’t have: unaffected personality.

Patsy Kensit? How many re-heats of her career are we going to have. From TV ads she made as a kid to failed pop bands to celebrity marriages to soaps, it just goes on and on and on.

Pamela Stephenson? Or to give her her full first name. “Whatever Happened To ....” This is 2010 — 30 years ago she wasn’t even the good-looking one on Not The Nine O’Clock News. Ever since it’s been a career as a psychologist.

Felicity Kendal? She thinks she’s already won it.

Even in the first show she was wrinkling up her nose in that way she thinks was so endearing from The Good Life — wait for it — 40 years ago.

And any competition that includes Paul Daniels, Peter Shilton and an extremely orange Gavin Henson is bound to give Ms Widdicombe a boost.

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