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Supermarkets are off their trolleys over pyjamas

By Gail Walker

Get off the backs of the PJ. It’s the new witch hunt. Not so long ago, it was hoodies, before that it was shell suits, and before that Doc Martens. What do they have in common?

It’s the preferred couture of the lower classes, darling.

I, for one, don’t see any problem with girls — for it is they — turning out in a sturdy pair of heavy brushed cotton trousers and top, if they so desire, to shop in Tesco.

The idea of victimising on the basis of brightly coloured clothing is absurb. The prospect of seeing supermarket chains ‘policing’ a dress code is even more ridiculous.

Burly bouncers hurling waif-like teenage girls out into the rain, anybody? While the same guardsmen hold the door open for Stumpy and Squinty passing through to the cheap booze in their Celtic and Rangers tops.

It’s classist and it’s sexist.

If they want to make a point about standards, stop parents wheeling their wet-nappied children around actually sitting in the trollies where you’ll be setting your head of cabbage. Or what of the weary nurse popping in after a long shift still in her uniform? Is that hygienic?

Get a grip. In these days everybody’s fiver is worth the same.

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