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Thankfully, Rory majors in tact

By Gail Walker

A striking blonde who is one of the world's best tennis players, Caroline Wozniacki is certainly a trophy girlfriend.

So who could blame Rory McIlroy for wanting to show her off on his home turf as soon as he got the chance?

Plus, as a big fan of the Ulster rugby squad, understandably he jumped at the chance to watch their game with Leinster last Friday night.

All brilliant - what a treat for the crowd to have two sporting superstars in their midst and yet more proof that Rory's home city still has a special place in his heart, alongside Caroline obviously.

Except he's not the only big supporter of the squad - Holly Sweeney, the girlfriend he dumped, is a cheerleader with the Ulster Rockettes.

Thankfully she wasn't at the game - no matter how civilised their separation, the idea of her frolicking around on the pitch while 'Wozzilroy' gazed on would have been truly cringeworthy.

Maybe Holly got a tip off about the pair's imminent arrival? Maybe Rory checked out whether she'd be there first? Who knows? But one would like to think he didn't just fly in on spec.

Naturally the crowd were thrilled to see Rory and Caroline, and their generous time-out with young fans proved again how personable Rory is.

But they also got an insight into how in love the pair are, from hand-holding and staring adoringly into each other's eyes to - a true coupledom gesture - Caroline throwing her legs over Rory's for warmth as the rain started.

Of course, they weren't flaunting their relationship, they're simply lost in it, like any young lovers.

But spare a thought for Holly, who will have to step out again at Ravenhill, too.

Post split-up, it's notoriously tricky carving up which venues belong to whom and watching friends fall into camps.

Perhaps, though, there's more onus on Rory to be sensitive to his ex's predicament. After all, there are no private helicopters to whisk her from race meetings to rugby matches. Belfast-based, her options are rather more limited.

The whole world is Rory's playground now. He should leave a little bit of it for Holly.


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