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That eco film? It’s Smug, Actually, Richard

Unsurprisingly, Richard Curtis has had his oh so hilarious 10:10 campaign No Pressure ad pulled from general circulation. (Too late, 10:10, thanks Youtube).

The 10:10 campaign wants to get people to reduce their carbon footprint. Maybe it’s just a smug sense of superiority, maybe it’s a sign of a chronically misfiring talent (The Boat That Rocked? The insufferable Love, Actually anybody?) but Curtis inadvertently proves why luvvies like him aren't as clever as they think they are.

His little homily shows a teacher blowing up kids who aren't burning with eco-fervour; a boss blowing up employees who aren't thinking up ideas to save energy; a Spurs coach blowing up David Ginola (why?) while Peter Crouch looks on approvingly.

(Naturally, while “green” individuals are portrayed as normal, “non-greens” are sulkpots, slack-mouthed morons and sourbeaks.)

Nor are we talking about Bugs Bunny-style explosions with sooty faces and shredded hats, but buckets of blood and bits of limbs flying through the air. (How f-ha-ha-unn-nny No Pressure would be to those who lost loved ones in 7/7 or Northern Ireland.)

This is what precisely, Richard? Irony? Humour? Argument? A subversively wry acknowledgement of the nastiness of eco-fascism? A liberal Death Wish vio-porno fest? Or just a shoddily conceived film?

The desire seems to be shock for shock's sake — and to parade a gargantuan smugness even more stomach-churning than the on-screen gore.

Instead of lending your, er, talent to whatever trendy cause happens to cross your desk, Richard, why not try and think of a few funny jokes for your next film ...

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