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The naked truth about Jennifer Aniston’s topless strip

By Gail Walker

After a Madonna-challenging string of flops (The Bounty Hunter, Love Happens anybody?), Jennifer Aniston is reviving her film career by moving in a new direction.

Her next project, Wanderlust, will reportedly see Aniston play a free-loving married woman who ends up in a hippie community. Naturally, being about finding yourself and all that Sixties bull, Jen’s character will go topless, take part in lesbian threesomes and try drugs.

Maybe Wanderlust will be an artistic triumph, but somehow this all just seems rather desperate.

It’s the oldest trick in the book — a little nudity, in the name of art.

And why? To shock us into realising that America’s Sweetheart has breasts and can swear.

What a terrible waste.

The sad truth is that Aniston is a gifted, if somewhat limited, comedienne.

Hard as it is to recall after all those banal romcoms with B-list leading men but Aniston was actually quite funny in Friends. More, she was widely tipped to be the new Lucille Ball or Katherine Hepburn — a fiesty, smart-as-a-whip woman more than capable of holding her own.

Alas not. It was easier to give the public what she thought they wanted — a kooky woman in search of an unusually handsome man. The only flaw is that the public isn't quite as dumb as all that.

Why couldn’t Aniston star in a comedy with nary a potential suitor in sight? But then a woman in a Hollywood film without a man — unless you're Thelma or Louise and prepared to find yourself floating over the Grand Canyon — that's sheer madness, isn't it? Still, is snaring Ben Affleck the greatest thing a woman can aspire to?

Perhaps the ‘rock-em-sock-em-get-em-out-for-the-lads' strategy will work for Jennifer.

But somehow I doubt it — the public isn't as dumb that way, either.

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