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We're all one in face of disasters like Japan earthquake and tsunami

By Gail Walker

Even with the vivid and horrifying TV coverage of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, it is impossible to comprehend the scale of the tragedy unfolding there.

Images of the dreadful events in Indonesia in 2004 and the recent devastation in Haiti are still fresh in our minds, but the impact of this new catastrophe seems just to reinforce how much we are all at the mercy of the elements.

Japan is a modern, sophisticated, high-tech culture, at the cutting edge of world economies, and its urban buildings are well-defended against the tremors caused by the geological fault line its islands are positioned upon.

And yet it has been stricken horribly, the human toll horrifying, the flimsiness of the lives we lead exposed again to the vagaries of the planet we inhabit.

When such calamity befalls so many people so quickly and so mercilessly, we can only be reminded how tiny and unnecessary human conflicts are and that being able to indulge in them at all is a luxury.

And join with the Japanese in prayer to whatever God we have and in sympathy at the losses suffered by people just like ourselves.


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