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What a pointless storm in a T-shirt

By Gail Walker

The ‘phnar phnar’ non-story of the recent days must be those “saucy” photographs of CBeebies presenter Sarah-Jane Honeywell (I kid you not).

Sarah-Jane presents something called Tikkabilla — a programme for the very young that you may have caught during one of those afternoon sickies. (My favourite is Something Special starring Mr Tumble, who isn’t half as exciting as he sounds.)

The pictures of the 37-year-old actress came to light when they were put on celebrity photographer Marc de Groot’s Facebook page.

Cue a queasy mixture of mock outrage, enthusiastic leering and mirth at the idea of watching dads getting hot under the collar — all the while reproducing said snaps (yes, both of them) for our delectation.

In one Ms Honeywell is dressed in a candyfloss bikini, an item of clothing somewhat more substantial than what you’d see on Royal Avenue on a sunny day.

In the other, the presenter is in an admittedly rather snug T-shirt and is, for some mysterious reason, pouring Coca Cola on her thrown back forehead. And for the prurient among you, no the T-shirt doesn’t get wet

It’s the sort of stuff you’d see in the foyer of your local library when it hosts the | annual show of the town’s photography group.

But still, judging by the media’s reaction to the non-event, it seems that for men of a certain vintage there’s a peculiar “frisson” in Miss Prim/Nanny being a bit of hot stuff on the quiet.

It’s kind of sad.

Now, Brian Cant in a pair of Calvin Klein’s — that’s something we’d all want to see ... I think.

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