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What really makes Kate so great

By Gail Walker

One year on from that wedding, what more do we know about Catherine Middleton?

She has a scar on her head from a childhood incident, but there are no further details on exactly what happened. She is definitely ultra conservative in the fashion stakes, continuing to mix high street and designer in neutral, unshowy colours.

She has enjoyed her first year of marriage, gazing adoringly at her husband at every opportunity.

She might have a few grey hairs at 30 though those seemed to vanish as soon as one paper put a circle around them.

She has a pup called Ludo.

She buys Nivea moisturiser.

She gets on well with the Queen, according to the body language experts who pored over their every move on a couple of joint engagements.

She has a tricky younger sister, though Pippa has probably learned her lesson after the Paris shenanigans. She has a family that Prince William is genuinely fond of, after all, given that recent skiing holiday together.

And, er, that's about it.

In the past 12 months we've only heard her speak briefly, when she visited a hospice and talked about how she shared her husband's views. As for the rest we can only speculate. Is she planning on having a baby soon? Probably. Has she lost weight due to the stress of her new role? Anybody's guess ... she's also sporty and looks radiantly happy. Does she really take beauty tips from Camilla? Ach, c'mon!

Remote, distant, largely mute in public, vaguely austere in these tough times, the commoner has taken a classic royal approach. She hugs small children, accepts the bouquets with a ready smile, cuts the tape - and thanks her lucky stars every day. She also hasn't made a single mistake.

A decade from now I suspect we will know little more about the Duchess of Cambridge. But she is going to be hugely popular.


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