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What the devil is Peaches doing now?

By Gail Walker

You can always rely on celebrities to make you feel good about yourself. Step forward Peaches Geldof.

What else does a woman need to do when she has a world famous humanitarian father (not to mention the fact Sir Bob's a media mogul as well) and various careers handed to her on a plate?

Obvious really! You run around supporting a Satanic sex cult.

Acquiring a tattoo of a heart with the initials OTO inside it, Peaches is reportedly a devotee of Ordo Templi Orientis, the cult founded by Aleister Crowley, who went around styling himself "the Great Beast 666" and revelling in his reputation as the most wicked man on earth (and that wasn't 'wicked' in the modern slang sense).

Naturally, being a cult, Crowley's form of worship involved an awful lot of S&M sex rituals and hard drug taking. And raising malevolent demons, of course. Do what thou wilt – to quote the order's motto. Indeed.

You have to wonder what Peaches' thought processes were? The Great Beast 666? Sex rituals? Raising demons? Yep, that's the path for me ...

Still, at least she's not alone in her journey to enlightenment. Apparently, JayZ is also a fan. Obviously being Mr Beyonce just isn't enough.

On Twitter Peaches describes Crowley's books as "super interesting".

Strange, though, how some people's quest simply leaves them looking more shallow than ever.

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