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What's really sick about Polanski film

By Gail Walker

It's an adaptation of a brilliant play, stars Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz and John C Reilly and has received rave reviews.

But I'll not be going to see it.

In fact, if I so much as see a trailer for Carnage I'll be legging it from the room pronto ... just in case. Frankly I don't know how those gushing critics managed to sit through the entire showing, no matter how black the comedy between two sets of warring parents in a New York apartment. For the movie apparently has one of the most revolting vomit scenes known to cinema after Winslet's character eats something dodgy.

Yes, yes, yes I can already hear those luvvies arguing how showing a person throwing up is integral to the plot in the same way that a role demands an actor to take off all their clothes.

Except gazing upon an actor in the buff tends to be a rather more pleasant prospect than watching one pretend to be sick ... especially when it's on a much larger than life cinema screen.

Nor am I alone on this one. I know many people who wouldn't dream of putting themselves through this, just as they don't find Casualty enjoyable entertainment on Saturday nights or walking through Belfast's streets on Monday mornings particularly pleasant.

Winslet's clearly relishing it all, talking about how she had to operate a complicated piece of machinery during the filming of the scene and joking about bringing her kids to the set that day so they could enjoy the fun. They're welcome to it.

It just seems a bit odd that someone would go to such lengths to simulate being sick.

Others might find that working with the movie's director Roman Polanski, still in exile after admitting sex with an underage girl, would have a fairly emetic effect all by itself.


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