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What’s your answer, Gerry?

Gail Walker

By Gail Walker

In Ed Moloney’s new book, Voices From The Grave, Provo Brendan Hughes alleges Gerry Adams ordered the murder of Jean McConville — and was instrumental in making sure she was one of ‘The Disappeared'.

Because, you see, apparently Adams wasn't worried about the inhumanity of shooting a mother of 10 in the head. No, he was worried about the PR fall-out of the killing. Hughes also alleges that Adams ordered other killings.

Sinn Fein has issued a blanket denial, saying Hughes didn’t agree with the peace process. In other words, the usual guff with the implicit threat that for the good of us all we shouldn't ask awkward questions about what Adams was up to in the ‘70s.

Adams, of course, can hide behind the fact that as a person of no legal standing, he can't sue over these allegations. Which is fortunate for him.

Still, where are the demands for an ‘independent inquiry' into the activities of the Belfast IRA and its ‘war crimes’. How else to describe putting a mother in front of a kangaroo court, executing her and hiding her corpse?

After all, Nuala O'Loan, the Police Ombudswoman, found no evidence of Jean McConville being an informer.

Where are the inquiries into Bloody Friday? But, of course, that would endanger the peace process. So we are just supposed to hold our noses and ignore the smell of blood and death and, well, evil wafting from Gerard Adams, MLA.

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