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Why Dannii is a star with the real X Factor


Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue

Ian West

Dannii Minogue

Whether or not Dannii Minogue's departure from the judging panel of X Factor was a case of "jumping" or "being pushed", there's no doubt millions will be sorry to see the diminutive Aussie step aside.

She's routinely been the nation's favourite judge. But it's not surprising, with Cheryl gone Stateside and the UK brand more lucrative than ever and the likes of Gary Barlow joining the line-up, that there may be less room for the workaday music industry professionalism of Ms Minogue.

Yes, eyebrows were raised when she joined the show in 2008, mostly by the type of individual seething with bizarre musical snobbery, like Noel Gallagher - a snob in a world where the very idea of musical snobbery is simply hilarious.

No one ever claimed Dannii is an artiste of the highest order, but like Cheryl and Sharon, she brought a human face to a ravenous machine which eats up wannabes, then spits them out.

However, unlike Sharon and Cheryl, Dannii remained unchanged by the fame the show brought to its judges. And it's maybe because she successfully emerged from under the shadow of a globally sensational sister that the public could relate to her in a way we never can to the fantastic lives lived by megastars. Like Gary.

There's a bit of us all struggling to emerge from some sibling's or contemporary's success, some friendly rivalry which leaves us feeling a tad undervalued.

That's the bit of us that wouldn't mind enjoying a little bit of limelight now and then.

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Dannii managed to do just that, to achieve fame in her own right, no mean achievement. She made the one word 'Dannii' as much of a brand as 'Britney' or even 'Kylie' ... and also made a name with two i's in it, side by side, more or less conventional.

Oh alright, not quite conventional, then.

But we certainly won't forget it.

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