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Why dogs wouldn’t call us their best friends

By Gail Walker

How many of us who are what is laughingly known as ‘dog owners’ would feel confident if Rover could give a report on a six-monthly basis on how we were faring as custodians of his or her welfare?

That five minute nightly gallop in the snow which is more about getting a quick smoke before bedtime rather than the necessary exercise a healthy canine requires?

Those long hours in the locked car at the supermarket, a wet nose pressed — if lucky — against the two centimetre gap left open in the back window.

The long boring day spent chewing up slipper after slipper while waiting for the Human to come back from wherever it is we go to from morning to night.

Well new Government proposals will recommend owners must take a competency test before a dog will be placed in their care.

Of course, the main aim will be to make ownership more difficult for those thick-necked, low slung dangerous breeds.

They just won’t be able to keep a dog.

It will be difficult to manage, obviously. And it will cost money to police properly. But the ‘a dog is for life not just for Christmas’ slogan really hasn’t worked as a way of deterring cruelty, abuse, neglect and abandonment, let alone prevent the ghastly trade in and manufacture of fighting dogs.

Since self-regulation hasn’t worked, and the animals can’t defend themselves, it’s up to Government to, er, take the lead.

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