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Why Downing Street cat Larry is just the purr-fect male

He arrived in Downing Street without the aid of a deputy and with neither wife nor child to hamper his style.

When all else failed, they had to get a bachelor in to sort things out. None of this touchy feely new man stuff. He's independent, a bit unkempt, doesn't know his boundaries, resists outward shows of affection and can't wait to get his face into a bowl of drink.

And yet I haven't spoken to a single woman since that first photocall who hasn't looked on the cut of his manly jib and thought 'I want a piece of that.'

Larry the Cat was accompanied into Downing Street by a helicopter from Sky TV.

Into the middle of all the sensitivities of world politics and "softly softly" diplomacy, a man arrived whose job it is to search and destroy.

The only thing missing when the door opened was Larry's bowler hat flying through the air to settle on a hatstand at the far side of the room.

Double-0 Feline is back. Licensed to kill.

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