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Why Girls Aloud may have made promise to get back together

Breaking news: Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle have apparently enjoyed a night out together after being spotted leaving the same London club, albeit separately. What can it mean?

Have they finally made up following years of tension after Girls Aloud took a break in 2009?

Has Nadine forgiven Cheryl for having the solo success she could only dream of? (Quite a big ask, really, since Nadine is by far the better singer).

Or after a week that for Cheryl included a dire performance at the Jubilee concert, a lacklustre turn on the Graham Norton show, a performance in a hideous jumpsuit at the Capital FM Summertime Ball and again having to counter jibes that she mimes all the time, is this the last shakings of the publicity bag for the Geordie popster?

The meeting has sparked frenzied anticipation that a Girls Aloud reunion may be on the cards even sooner than expected. Thank goodness.

Girls Aloud produced more than a handful of pop classics. Solo it's largely been a bucket of dross.

Yes I know CC has had a few big hits but so did Geri Halliwell before Joe Public wised up.

Maybe the writing's on the wall. Solo careers can only go so low before you start to appreciate that, you know, it wasn't SO bad having your individual creativity smoothed by being in a band.

Better one-fifth of something than the whole of nothing.