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Why it’s sexist claptrap to think that women can’t be good bosses

By Gail Walker

Have we all taken crazy pills? A new survey claims that both women and men prefer to work for a male boss because women are hormonal, bring their personal lives into the office, bitch about colleagues and are too competitive.

By comparison, male bosses are straight-talking and don't feel threatened if others are good at their jobs.

Of course, it doesn’t appear to have crossed the minds of those taking the survey that they could just be reflecting inherent sexist prejudice.

Like the claim that women bosses are too competitive? Excuse me, I thought that was a male trait. Anyway isn't business supposed to be about competition?

Could it possibly be that what the respondents were actually saying is that a competitive nature is not an attractive trait in a woman?

Just as when a woman adopts a male style of management, she's too aggressive but if she adopts a female style of management she's branded too emotional. Catch-22.

And the difference between being a bluff straight-talking male boss and vicious-tongued bitch is ... what precisely? The ability to walk in high heels presumably?

The sad thing is that so many women signed up for this self-hate.

Bringing personal lives into the office? Even if it’s true, is that such a bad thing? What’s wrong with offering a little support to hardworking colleagues?

And there's bringing and bringing, isn't there? Why is a woman having a quick chat about her love life so dreadful while a man seeking taciturn refuge in the pub at lunchtime is kind of understandable?

It all depends how you look at it: women like cliques, men like team-building; a woman worried about losing out on the corporate ladder is neurotic; a man is driven to succeed. And on it goes.

Instead of dandering up stereotype road maybe it’s time to recognise there's good, bad and indifferent bosses — and their performance has little to do with gender.

And one thing unites them all: whether your boss is male or female you still have to laugh at their jokes ...

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