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Why Sarah Ferguson should stop whining ...

Sarah Ferguson's mother told her "she had the sign of the devil" on her before walking out, making her feel "worthless" and "unlovable".

Her father ridiculed Sarah for feeling upset at the break-up of her parents' marriage, calling her "a sheep's ass". The media pulled her and Andrew apart, though his being away with the Navy a lot of the time didn't help either. After her divorce she was ostracised by the Royal household.

Her parents, the media, the Royals, the Navy ... with Fergie it is always somebody else's fault.

The latest whingefest comes on her ghastly-sounding new reality TV show Finding Sarah, made by the Oprah Winfrey Network in the US. No doubt it's lucrative work, but at what cost?

No matter the truth of her claims, there's something very distasteful about attacking parents who are dead and can't answer back. Besides she's not the only one to have a tough start - Prince Philip's mother ended up in an asylum but he doesn't bleat on about that.

Then there's the constant carping at the Royal family, an institution of which her daughters Beatrice and Eugenie are enthusiastic members.

At heart Fergie's essentially a decent soul who does a lot of good work, but she really has to find another way to earn a crust other than this wretched baring of the soul in public.

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After all, as a woman so damaged by the activities of her parents, doesn't it ever strike her about the impact of her own ramblings on her children?

The Duchess of York used to play up being a jolly hockey sticks good sport type of gel.

Now she seems to have morphed into a professional victim, whining for her supper.

I think we know which Fergie the public prefers ...

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