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Why this slur on our menfolk is just another very ugly lie

By Gail Walker

Now look, this column has a long and healthy tradition of never being afraid to put the stiletto squarely between the shoulder blades of Ulster men.

But fair's fair - and the claim by dating website that our menfolk are the ugliest on the planet just can't be allowed to go uncontested. According to Graham Hodge who runs the website, just one in 20 men from Northern Ireland are accepted onto it.

He blames the reluctance of our guys to smarten themselves up.

Aye right. What woman really wants a man who loves himself so much that they slather on their expensive serums on the QT?

There's something rather endearing about a man tucking into an Ulster/Occupied Six Counties fry.

Or one who looks like he's not afraid to get his non-designer jeans dirty when he pulls over on a foul night to change your tyre.

Or who is not going to have your head turned with absurd fashion advice.

Or who would rather watch the football than Gok Wan.

And to be honest, it's not as if we've done too bad when it comes to good looking boys.

But then who's interested in Liam Neeson, Kenneth Branagh (his turn as Billy in particular), George Best in his Man United strip or the late great movie star Stephen Boyd ... ?


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