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Why Ulstermen are so Taken with Liam's look

By Gail Walker

Many may have giggled at those pictures of Liam Neeson, stripped down to a pair of pink underpants, on the Ellen DeGeneres show on US television.

The big Ballymena man showed what a sport he was by baring almost all for charity.

And what a lot of all there was. Anyone who didn't know where Liam Neeson came from only had to study the configuration of his physique - man boobs, pendulous belly, crinkles and creases where there shouldn't have been any - and it was clear this was a fry too far.

At 60, Liam is in good condition, healthy and handsome - and proof of the old belief dear to the heart of the Ulster male that they're all just a few laps of the pool away from the body of a superhero.

A few jaunts round the park, a few hours down the gym and it'll be back to Rob Roy, they tell themselves ... and their womenfolk. It's a declaration usually made while frantically sucking in their midriff and patting it furiously. Of course, only a star can afford to appear as relaxed about such matters as Liam Neeson. He knows that even if there is only a month to the start of filming he can emerge as an all-action hero again. Just look at the publicity stills for his new movie, Taken 2. All lean and menacing.

Alas, for the Ulster male the trigger for action is less Taken and more takeaway.


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