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Would Cameron have treated one of the boys in this way?

By Gail Walker

By their smirks ye shall know them ...

It was a small but telling exchange at PM's Questions. Tory right-wing MP Nadine Dorries - who was moving an amendment to curb abortions in the UK - asked Dave Boy if there isn't a case to be said of the LibDem tail wagging the Tory dog.

A perfectly legitimate question you may think.

But, alas, you see, Nadine is a woman and therefore ...

Cameron replied: "I know you are frustrated ... " Naturally this led to hearty macho guffaws and much merriment from the male MPs. If Cameron hadn't at first realised his "joke" he quickly joined in the laughter.

So did "right on" Nick Clegg and most of the Government front bench.

Indeed, so broken up was our glorious leader that he simply sat down, more or less wiping tears of mirth from his eyes and saying "I give up" before refusing to answer Dorries' question as if it was too silly to be treated with respect.

Frustrated? Woman? Frustrated woman? Sexually frustrated woman? GEDDIT? GEDDIT?

Humiliated and visibly hurt Dorries left the chamber. And no wonder - it was an ugly but revealing moment.

Of course, two-faced Dave was soon tapping out texts: "Nadine I am genuinely desperately sorry about yesterday. It was an entirely innocent mistake. I wanted to give you a fair answer on abortion but got into a mess and cdnt get out of it."

Actually, no, it wasn't an "innocent" mistake. He could have refrained from the howls of derision. He could have answered her question with respect. He could even, heaven forbid, have rebuked his fellow parliamentarians. But no. Sadly, after Cameron's performance we can only conclude that while he may not be honourable, he's certainly a right member ...


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