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You have to take your hat off to Pippa

By Gail Walker

Ok, the hat she chose for the wedding of her friend in Holywood did look like a cause for concern for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, but still ... isn't that all part of Pippa Middleton's charm?

The Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister gets a hard time in the Press, but I quite like her.

It can't be easy to be largely famous for your bum and subject to endless insinuations that you're milking your celebrity.

Anyway, it is a peachy little bottom. And Pippa can't be held responsible for the whims and fancies of media. They loved her at her sister's wedding, now they disdain her for not being a quantum physicist, Mother Theresa or able to fix the economy.

Pippa is just a 'gel' who got lucky. Enormously lucky. But she didn't plan it.

So why the trashing of her harmless little book about party planning, Celebrate? She may not be Margaret Atwood or Hilary Mantel but Celebrate is no worse than hundreds of celeb tomes bending the shelves of Waterstones. At least Pippa has the good grace to stick to the shallow end of the pool. She doesn't try to pass herself off as a great thinker, passionate campaigner or philanthropist.

Besides 18 months after being rocketed to fame, she has, on the whole, been very discreet and modest - not in a dissimilar way to how her sister has helped boost the image of the Windsors. It can't be easy being the sister of Duchess of Cambridge but Pippa seems to know her place - ie, very much in second place.

Her outfit at Emma Logue's wedding was telling. A blue silk dress with a (faux?) fur wrap. Discreet, classy, but with an innate conservatism. In other words, stylish but not attention grabbing, Pippa dressed not to overshadow the bride.

On balance she's been a plus to the Royals. She will be even more so as sexy Auntie Pippa - despite the dubious taste in hats ...


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