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It's sickening to hear terrorism in Northern Ireland compared to South Africa

By Henry Reilly

UKIP will oppose any attempt by the Northern Ireland attorney general John Larkin to declare a amnesty for those involved the terrorism in Northern Ireland - it was sickening to hear comparisons being made to what happened here with what happened in South Africa and other troubled regions of the world.

The fact is that Northern Ireland was a democracy throughout the IRA terror campaign where all people had recourse to the law, freedom of speech, a free press and right to vote.

There was never any justification for the blood letting and civil strife the IRA imposed on us.

I fear that the Haass presence has corrupted our system here even more and we must not allow the evil doers to be simply granted an amnesty - If we don't learn from the mistakes of the past and make clear that the use of terror can never be justified then we will be condemned to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Earlier this month, a German prosecutor recommended murder charges be brought against a retired carpenter from Minnesota. It is alleged that 69 years ago, Michael Karkoc led a Nazi operation, which razed a Polish village to the ground.

Operation Yewtree is also today seeing pedophiles being held accountable for their actions, years after the event.

Modern investigative methods, ensure time need no longer be a barrier to justice. That’s why it was so disturbing to hear the Attorney General call for an end to investigations of terrorist actions before 1998.

As Attorney General for Northern Ireland, John Larkin has no jurisdiction beyond it. It is unlikely his remarks would be taken seriously in Great Britain or in the Republic of Ireland.

But if they were heeded here, those responsible for the Birmingham Pub Bombings and the Dublin and Monaghan Bombings might face justice in the future, whilst those responsible for Enniskillen would not.

Is the life of someone from Northern Ireland less important than the life of someone from England or the Republic of Ireland?

Only Mr Larkin knows why he made his remarks.

But he can be assured his views are not those of the ordinary, decent person in our province who quite rightly, continues to demand that truth be accompanied by justice.   

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