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'It's time for the UK to tell the meddling EU to go away'

By Henry Reilly

The EU interference in our lives is beginning to manifest in ever increasing ways.

We have massive cost burdens imposed on our ratepayers through the ridiculous one size fits all waste management system it has imposed on councils that was designed for the European low countries that are below sea level in some instances and is not needed here.

In recent times they have determined the type of light bulbs we can use, then banned our Milk of Magnesia, they want to dictate how we even flush our toilets, and now the EU officials have come for our vacuum cleaners as well.

The Eurocrats seem to have nothing better to do with themselves than interfere with every nook and cranny of our lives. This latest EU directive will make it more difficult for ordinary people to clean their homes and is highly ridiculous.

With 26 million people unemployed in the EU, many because of the financial crisis encouraged by a one-size-fits-all Euro currency, it really is time to tell these meddling people to go away.

With employment across the EU going down the pan, the last thing EU bureaucrats should be doing is sucking the life out of technological manufacturing and innovation - but that is exactly what they are achieving by their meddling.

I was also astounded to hear a business official fear mongering on Radio Ulster when he stated that the UK could lose four million jobs if we leave the EU because of trade tariffs and lack of access to the European single market.

This is the sort of dangerous misinformation we can expect from the Europhile narrative as UKIP becomes more effective in letting the UK people know the truth on our membership of the EU and the intensely damaging effect it has on our lives.

The fact is that the UK is the European honey pot for continental manufacturers, and more German and French jobs depend on having free access to our economy, does anyone really believe that the likes of Siemens, BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Citroenwould accept trade barriers being put in place to their biggest export market?

It should be clear to all but the most determined Europhile that a free trade agreement will be retained when we extract ourselves from the EU, but we will be able to have a radical cut in the red tape and bureaucracy that is inflicted on our businesses.

In Northern Ireland we are seeing mixed messages from our parochial local parties with some in the DUP describing the EU as our ''faithful friend'' and some describing it in less favourable terms. Then we have the Sinn Fein who talk about national self determination, but who are now happy to sell sovereignty to the EU?

The fact is that UKIP is the only political party that will give all our people a clear and unambiguous choice on our membership of the EU and I am confident the people will chose wisely.

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