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A prequel? What a Monster idea from Pixar

By Jane Graham

I panicked when I heard Pixar were planning a follow-up to Monsters Inc.

The animated tale about the developing friendship between a big fat hairy monster and a little girl is a modern kids' classic which doesn't need embellishing. More importantly, it has one of the greatest endings of all children's films, a touching expression of hope and love executed so beautifully that the thought of being told what happened in the next moment - the one you enjoyed imagining so much - felt like heresy.

I should have trusted Pixar. The reason they make the best kids films (Best Film Oscar nominees Up and Toy Story 3) is that they seem to genuinely understand and value childhood and what's deep-down important to children. So I should have guessed the new film will be a prequel and will not therefore interfere with the near-perfect conclusion of the original.

If only other studios cared as much about the integrity of their work.


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