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A wag apart : Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard

By Jane Graham

Christine Bleakley has had a hard time, mainly from London-based commentators and online chatters, regarding her alleged relationship with England footballer Frank Lampard.

Some have suggested she’s not up to WAG standards, not gorgeous enough or fashion-forward enough to follow in the footsteps of Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham or Abbie Clancy.

What malicious rubbish. Christine may be older than Cole and curvier than Posh, but unlike most of that pouting, vacuous clique, the smile on her face is real and she radiates charm, goodwill and, least WAG-like of all, a genuine interest in other people.

I’ve written before that she’s no intellectual heavyweight, but her choice of Lampard — one of the few A-list footballers who can string a sentence together — suggests she at least has good common sense. If she is to enter the hallowed world of the WAGs let’s hope her unpretentious Northern Irish sense of humour and humility rubs off on the rest of them. Though why she’s not after our own dashing Aaron Hughes, we can only guess.

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