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Alex is left cursing loose tongue

By Jane Graham

Jordan's poor wee husband Alex Reid was in Belfast this week to present, without apparent irony, UK's Strongest Man.

Reid isn't known for his wonderful judgement, but he made a smart decision when he chose Billy Murray's Pro-kick gym in east Belfast to train at. Murray is a kick-boxing guru and a formidable trainer who dosen't rest until everyone under his watchful eye is giving 100%

Murray runs his gym by a strict set of rules and he made no exceptions for his celebrity guest. Keen to maintain an atmosphere of discipline and respect, he fines everyone in the gym for each curse uttered. Reid ended up owing £30, which he paid without protest.

One imagines Murray was relieved he didn't bring his angry, swearing wife - she'd probably have run up a bill of hundreds, then stormed out, refusing to pay. Trying to settle that tab could have been the fight of ex-world champion Murray's life.

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