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Bacon’s texts are in such good taste

By Jane Graham

As an experienced radiophile — I’ve produced it, written about it, regularly talk on it and listen to it for hours every day — I have to acknowledge 5Live’s Richard Bacon as king of the radio ‘texter’.

This is when you throw out a question for listeners to text in (hopefully) witty, entertaining answers to. My previous favourite of Bacon’s was “What is the point of the moustache?” — lots of calls from Northern Ireland on that, funnily enough.

But this week he asked ‘Which TV adverts do you not feel strongly about?’ Responses included a man who was unmoved by the new Honda advert — he was no more or less likely to buy a Honda after seeing it — and a chap who felt indifferent about Jamie Oliver Sainsbury’s ad, saying he sometimes thought he might try one of the recipes half way through the ad, but invariably called for a pizza afterwards. Radio gold.

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