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Behaving like Royalty is the road to madness

By Jane Graham

Apparently lots of couples rushed down the aisle last spring as a result of being caught up in a Kate'n'Wills-inspired romantic fever.

Unfortunately, according to a poll this week, one in eight are already regretting it, wondering if their keenness to be part of the royal wave of passion made them act with undue haste.

Who are these people who BOOK A WEDDING because two people they've never met are getting hitched?

Surely such slavish, lemming-like behaviour warrants immediate family intervention with a view to seeking psychological treatment.

Often in these kinds of cases, there are early symptoms of madness - some victims have been known to rush out to buy dresses after a single sighting of Kate Middleton wearing them. With others its lipsticks, handbags, even a haircut.

These people need our help, or any iota of individuality or free thinking will disappear from their pea brains forever.


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