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BNP is least of Farage's worries

Jane Graham

How reassuring for local election voters in England to be told by UKIP leader Nigel Farage that his is the only UK party which expressly bans BNP members from joining. Though after rejoicing in this progressive stand, mightn't some wonder why Nigel's party are the only ones who need such a policy in the first place?

It's impressed Norman Tebbit anyway, who must have cheered David Cameron right up by advising tactical anti-Labour voters to back UKIP in constituencies where the Tories had no chance.

Thankfully Farage's tough stand hasn't put off the party member who said racist taunting was just 'ethnic banter', the one who said school gym classes 'released tension and thus avoided homosexuality' or the one who makes jokes on Facebook about Chinese people all looking the same. The one who said Zionist Jews engineered World War II has been suspended, but there's still hope for her, pending an investigation. Hurrah for tolerance and freedom!

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