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Caging kids and making them fight just good, clean fun, then?

By Jane Graham

I approve of kids learning discipline through the likes of kick-boxing. But I was concerned when I heard tell of Greenlands Labour Club in Preston which put two eight-year-old boys together to fight in a cage and filled the room with paying punters egging them on.

So imagine my relief when the father of one of the boys spoke up and explained that his son had enjoyed the experience and hoped to repeat it.

He also assured us that the other boy, who had momentarily paused during a fun bout to shed a few tears, had been asked if he'd like to quit and had said no. Thus proving that he was having the time of his life.

After all, the room was full of grown men and women who had paid to watch pre-pubescent boys fighting - what reason could the boy have to think they might not be sympathetic to his capitulation?

So that's all fine then. Phew.


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