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Can anyone be as popular as Putin?

By Jane Graham

Politics has been all doom and gloom lately so it's been nice to see a feelgood story in the news this week.

The Russian people showed a fantastic interest in their presidential election, with Chechnya's apparent 99.89% poll for Putin particularly impressive.

Those are the kind of numbers that we could only dream of in the complacent and disengaged UK!

And wasn't it touching to see old favourite Vladimir Putin up on the podium accepting his victory with tears in his eyes like a newly crowned Miss World?

Back for another six years - it feels like he was never away!

Our own politicians could learn a lot from Mr Putin's modern, streetwise approach.

He was simply light years ahead of the rest of his rivals in terms of PR.

Can anyone even name any of the other candidates?

This charismatic judo expert has the politics game well and truly licked.

Congratulations to Mr Putin, and watch and learn, the western world!


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