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Cat has got the cream

By Jane Graham

He's presented more flabby flops than Peter Kay at Bolton swimming baths, but I've always had a soft spot for Patrick Kielty. I'm delighted to see him looking so blissed out in photos of him and his 'newly confirmed' girlfriend Cat Deeley.

Maybe the reason I like Paddy is that he's always maintained a very grounded, self-deprecating view of himself (I guess with two series of Celebrity Love Island on his CV he didn't have much choice).

Unlike so many of his peers, he has a humility and irreverence that is difficult to maintain when you've been in the public eye for 20 years.

His stand-up is also much funnier and bolder than anyone who's only seen him on telly has the right to expect.

I've lost count of the number of times I've heard he's 'punching above his weight' in snaring his old pal Cat.

I've noticed that with each new report of the couple's latest outing, the online comments have been getting sharper and more idiotic (one person opined bitterly that he 'only got where he is courtesy of daddy being high up within the Beeb'; bearing in mind his building contractor father was shot by paramilitaries 24 years ago, this takes some beating for malicious gossip).

Cat's a pretty girl with lovely shiny hair, for sure, but if her boyfriend is as devoted, decent and funny (privately at least) as he seems, then he's a fantastic catch. And if Cat's half as smart as Paddy, no one knows that better than she does.


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