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Cheryl Cole's hopes of making it big in US gone west?

By Jane Graham

If even half a sniff of what's been written recently about Cheryl Cole is true, things have been going downhill since the once care-free Tweedster started taking the advice of rich famous people who don't really care about her.

The latest stories suggest that since she went to LA, ostensibly to prepare for being unveiled as a judge on the US X Factor, Cole has spent most of her time holed up in an LA hotel room ordering pizzas and waiting for the phone to ring. With speculation growing that she's not snaffled the job after all, she's beginning to look a bit daft, as well as lonely, out there.

Cheryl seemed pretty happy a couple of years ago, content with her status as one of the UK's most cherished TV personalities, a No. 1 pop star who had her 'soul mate' husband at home and her beloved mum nearby. But Simon Cowell promised her bigger things.

American superstar told her she had the goods for making it Stateside. And newspaper columnists up and down the land ordered her to dump her excess baggage (aka Ashley Cole) and go for it.

Scottish actor Alan Cumming once told me the secret of his moony blissfulness was that he didn't have the vaulting ambition of many of his tortured peers. Could it be that Cheryl would actually have been happier giving Ashley another chance and just counting her chickens at home? Maybe it's time everyone else shuts up and let Cheryl Cole work out for herself what success really means.


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