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Cheryl’s right to keep us guessing ...

By Jane Graham

For weeks speculation has been rife over whether Cheryl Cole is in a real relationship or a fake ‘show-mance’ with her not immediately obviously heterosexual best friend, dancer and raconteur Derek Hough.

Amir Khan said they were faking it to ‘keep photographers at bay’ (don’t get that logic). Choreographer Brian Friedman said they made a ‘great couple’. Ashley Cole allegedly believes they’re just pals (his insights are always invaluable).

I think Cheryl has finally sussed how to deal with the salivating press. She may even be having fun — she not only holds all the cards, but is free to hint, and never confirm, any crazy story she fancies. If I were her, I’d start a rumour that Derek is a hermaphrodite serving her bisexual curiosity. Or that he’s merely booked to recite TS Eliot to her every night. That’ll really make ’em sweat.

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