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Cheryl's so tweet!

By Jane Graham

It was a nice touch from Cheryl Cole to send diver Tom Daley a friendly flirty tweet after he received his now notoriously nasty one.

Celebrities must get used to attracting abuse from envious, angry folk who feel neglected by the world, but reading a message suggesting you 'let down' your beloved dad a mere year after he died must have shaken Daley's delicate 18-year-old frame like a rickety roller coaster.

Daley's bullish, full steam ahead approach in the run-up to the Olympics has always struck me as a worrying postponement of potentially paralysing grief.

He often diverts questions about his dad - a warm, demonstrative man who unashamedly doted on his son before dying of brain cancer at age 40.

Many of us heard about Reece Messer's grotesque 'you let your dad down' tweet, sent just after Daley lost out on a medal in the synchronised diving event, and immediately wanted to put an arm around the young diver.

Cheryl Cole was in a position to do something to make him feel better and it was a classy, kind move on her part to do so.

Her approach was gracious and balanced; she didn't risk embarrassing or upsetting him by referring to either his father or the cruel comment, but instead simply told him he was 'amazing' and coquettishly asked if he could teach her to swan dive.

You could almost feel Daley's boyish blush when he replied 'Of course!!! But first you need to follow me ;)'.


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